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Almendras Martí was founded in 1998 as a family business that, despite being small, had a great vision for the future.

With the passing of the years, our commitment to the careful selection of only the best raw materials, the implementation of rigorous quality controls, the on-going training of our staff, as well as constantly innovating technology to improve the processing of the almonds is reaping its results that today makes us a reference in Spain as well as one of the leaders in the sector.

Specialists in the world of almonds

We cover what is required by the client as quickly as possible with their desired packaging and palletisation, ready to be transported in Spain or internationally, thanks to our innovative pre-cleaning, shell-removing, selection, peeling, sizing, and packaging systems that adapt to the needs of the clients.

We control the traceability of the product from production areas, to guarantee the best quality possible of a healthy and natural product.

We share out health throughout the world

Our motto is "Health for the World" and this reflects exactly our work philosophy: offer the best possible product, that is healthy and natural.

To do this, we rely on the confidence of the most demanding markets. We export almonds to the main countries in the world.

We offer different finished products adapted to the needs of the client

Selected larguetas natural and blanched almonds.

Selected marconas natural and blanched almonds.

Selected valencias natural and blanched almonds.

Blanched slivered almonds.

Blanched slices almonds.

Blanched dices almonds.

Blanched meal almonds.

Natural, shelled, ecologically-grown almonds.

Quality is our objective

Almendras Martí has been awarded the ecological certification from the CCPAE guaranteeing that the products have been produced and prepared following the ecological-growing regulations, and that the entire production, preparation, packaging, and selling process is controlled.

Ecological-farming production, also known as biological and organic, is a production and preparation system for naturally farmed products. The main objective is to produce high quality food products.

Blanched slivered almonds

Blanched slices almonds

Blanched dices almonds

Presentation formats

• Plastic bag: from 500 g and 1,000 g

• Bulk cartons: from 5 Kg, 10 Kg, 12.5 Kg and 25 Kg

• Bulk sacks: de 25 Kg

• Big bags: 1,000 Kg

Blanched meal almonds

High technology,

quality guarantee

Almendras Martí makes a special effort to continually train their staff and, above all, use the most advanced technology in the pre-cleaning, shelling, selecting, peeling, and sizing of the almonds.

To do this, we work with the leaders in the field of specialised machinery, such as  INSORT with highly accurate optical technology SHERLOCK AIR guaranteeing top quality, clean, uniform products, ready to be sold in the most healthy and natural way.

We are environmentally


The by-products from the processing of dried fruits is not wasted. In our desire to set some sustainable environmental protocols, the shell of the almond has proven to be a high performance biomass fuel due to its combustibility, low generation of ash, and high calorific value, much higher than other products, such as olive stones or pellets.

Likewise, the green skin of the shell and the skin that is extracted on peeling of the almond is also used as fodder for sheep.

We offer all by-products generated in bulk.

Almendras Martí offers you an integral service that covers different aspects around the world of almonds.

We assume the responsibility of all the different procedures involved in requesting certificates, help, technical consultancy, and all classes of administrative tasks.

Your almonds are in good hands.

Technical consultancy for managing plantations.

Economic subsidies for farming and specialised machinery.

Certification and processing of subsidies for dried fruits (PAC or DUN).

Buying and transport service of almonds

Administrative tasks relating to farming activities.

Pol. Industrial de Maials

Partida Bassa Bona, s/n

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F +34 973 130 569

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